• Our Perspective On Tourism In Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka is said to be the only country in the would where you can see the world's largest land mammal, the elephant, and the largest marine mammal, the blue whale, in a single day. 11. Because of its unique shape and position to the south of India, Sri Lanka is known as the 'Teardrop of India'.

    A visitor to Sri Lanka can see various amazing places from Dondra Point to Point Pedro. Among them are many aspects of Sri Lankan culture that have inherited a very proud history.

    Atamasthana, Solosmasthana, and the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, as well as many other places of worship in Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. What is special is that all these places are visited by people irrespective of religion.

    World's End, natural rainforests, Sigiriya frescoes and graffiti, national parks, zoos, waterfalls, forts, caves, etc. enhance the beauty of Sri Lanka.

    Ayurveda and yoga, bird watching, camping, canal boat riding, Colombo city tours, cycling, elephant back safaris, hot air ballooning, turtle watching, village cart tour, whale watching, wildlife safari, water sports are some of the activities that tourists can do.

    The beauty of Sri Lanka has been proven by explorers such as Ibn Battuta and Robert Knox.

What Is Ceylon Tour Hub?

  • Executive Summary
    The tour hub initiated by Secret Marketing Holdings, named Ceylon Tour Hub, which can serve as a stage to accumulate tour agencies and tourists while advancing Sri Lankan tourism. The set will work on an enrollment premise. We are willing to supply marketing concepts to the marketing teams of agencies and advertise the agencies that don’t have a marketing team. The project also helps visitors with different perspectives of arranging their trip to Sri Lanka.

    Since the decline in Sri Lankan tourism due to the economic crisis and the present variants of covid19, we decided to make Sri Lanka more convincing and simpler to visit. As multiple tour agencies reach out to the same audience with similar offers and advertising, it can be overwhelming and confusing on the receiving end due to unfamiliarity. Therefore, advertising tour destinations and when the potential client chooses their specific destination/s providing them with a suitable plan that includes their tour guide, necessary accommodation, and transportation according to the client’s budget makes their visit convenient and a more convincing trip to make. 

    Our main objective of creating the Ceylon tour hub is to promote Sri Lankan tourism as well as create a sense of community in the tourism industry. And by having you onboard we believe it will be possible because once we have the necessary agencies onboard, different companies will interact to provide the tourist with a convenient and pleasant experience. We will also aid necessary agencies with marketing strategies and/or market them while marketing the platform to tourists as well.

     Tourism is a major part of the Sri Lankan economy and the decline in tourism also contributes to our economic crisis, therefore, working to promote Sri Lankan tourism at a time like this should be crucial and this platform is a place we can use to market Sri Lankan tourism and tour agencies while building a community. 
  • Statement Of The Problem
    Many travel agencies nowadays market their establishments. Then it will be difficult for tourists to get a proper idea of ​​the tourism sector in Sri Lanka.

    The prevailing economic crisis and COVID19 situations also affect the willingness of tourists to visit Sri Lanka.
  • Approach And Methodology
    We are introducing an innovative marketing concept of a tour hub named, Ceylon Tour Hub which is a platform that promotes Sri Lankan tourism and tour agencies in Sri Lanka and creates a local tourism community. 

    The tour hub will be marketed to foreigners and tourists and through the Ceylon hub Sri Lankan tourism will be promoted attracting clients, then those clients will be introduced to tour destinations, packages, and agencies. 

    As our company includes both digital marketing and event management, we will promote the Ceylon Tour Hub through digital marketing along with a range of events to promote tourism. 

    We are also willing to supply the agencies with marketing strategies if the agency does not have a marketing team. 
  • Audiences And Parties
    This project mainly targets attracting local and foreign tourists/travelers. Major beneficiaries are the tourist agents and tourists as well as the Sri Lankan economy. 

    • Tours around the island.
    • Exposure to more tourists.
    • Obtains advanced marketing strategies.
    • Has a platform to regulate activities among similar kinds of organizations.
    • A winning competitive advantage.
    • Spend less to earn more.
    • Develop a renowned reputation.

    • A platform available anywhere in the world.
    • Provided with travel agents who have the best services.
    • Spend less to gain more benefits.
    • Can conveniently connect with the travel agencies within Sri Lanka.
    • Better scope of places and activities to enjoy the vacation.

    • Earning profits through subscription revenue model, transaction revenue model, and advertisement revenue model.
    • Grows the tourism industry, therefore, aiding the Sri Lankan economy.
    • Being noticed by the foreign tourism market.
    • Be a competitor for current market leaders.
  • Goals And Objectives
    With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting where people can go, hotels, destinations, and travelers alike have felt the effects. Tourism has all but stopped, local vacations are often out of the question, and with more people working from home, business travel has also decreased.

    However, creative marketing can make a big difference in the years to come. Travel is taking off, hotels and destinations that know how to capitalize on the trend will set themselves up for success as the world returns to normal and travelers once again pack their bags.

    Customers can experience activities, locations, and destinations from the comfort of their own homes, there are many clear benefits related to the Tour Hub concept. The most obvious of these benefits is that tourists can see and experience a destination without traveling to it, which means they aren’t limited by available flights, travel logistics, safety concerns, and whether destinations are open. They don’t even have to think about time zones or weather conditions. 

    The other huge benefit for tourists is cost. Tour Hub platform makes destinations accessible to millions of people who may otherwise not be able to afford to travel to them. 

    For hotels and destinations, the clear benefit is the ability to stay top-of-mind with potential customers and to highlight a location, amenities, and offerings. Customers who have experienced a hotel or location through the platform are more likely to book a future stay and will eagerly anticipate experiencing the activity in the “real world.”

    There are also great marketing opportunities offered. Experiencing a property this way increases the chances that tourists will want to visit in the future and means that they can easily share the virtual offerings with their friends and family. And that’s not all. Tour Hub has a handful of other benefits:
    • The immersive experience allows the customer to imagine themselves at a travel destination.
    • All aspects of a destination can be showcased in high resolution.
    • Hotels and travel agencies can stand out from the crowd. 
    • The impact of tourism on vulnerable destinations is reduced.
  • Why Join The Ceylon Tour Hub?
    There will be a free consultation session to help travelers make their trip a success, plan their trip, and find a good Tour Agent.

    Tour Agents
    • You will be a part of a platform tailor-made for tourism.
    • The platform will be marketed to tourists through various digital marketing platforms
    • Your agency gets promoted.
    • Your agency will also receive specialized marketing strategies, concepts, and plans.
  • How Our Company Aids The Process
    Our company, Secret Marketing Holdings (Pvt) Ltd plans to introduce Ceylon Tour Hub is a marketing concept to market tourism in Sri Lanka to attract foreigners while promoting tour agencies. 

    Our company has innovative digital marketing concepts and event management therefore, utilizing these we will supply marketing concepts and strategies for your company and promote it alongside tourism and the hub.



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